Where can you use your Stoov®?

Where can you use your Stoov®?

Actually, the answer to this question is very simple: everywhere! The different designs, fabrics and rechargeable battery ensure that you can take your Stoov® with you everywhere and therefore use it everywhere. At home, outdoors or at the office, the choice is yours! These are our favorite moments and places:


Work comfortably (at home)

Are you going to the office again? Or are you still working from home? Either way, it’s important to create a comfortable workplace. For example, a good desk, a good chair and a computer screen at eye level are no exception. But add a Big Hug and then you can really work comfortably. The heating blanket fits perfectly over your chair and keeps the muscles in your back relaxed and warm, which ensures less back, neck and shoulder complaints. Very nice when you spend long days behind your desk, like us.

Enjoying the water

The first nice days are coming up and many people immediately go to the water. Do you also enjoy sailing around with friends, your partner or just alone? With your Stoov® you are really assured of a carefree afternoon on the boat. With a cold wind in your sails, your body will stay nice and warm thanks to your heating cushion or blanket. Time to really enjoy!

Outside on the terrace, in the garden or while traveling

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, regardless of the temperature? Or do you only go outside when the sun is shining, and go back in quickly as soon as it has set? Stoov® is there for everyone and every season to keep you warm. With the special Premium outdoor cushion cover from Sunbrella, you can take your Stoov® everywhere without any worries. The covers are water and dirt repellent and resistant to sunlight. This way the color remains intact and you can enjoy your Stoov® anytime, anywhere! Perfect for in the garden, on the terrace or when traveling.

Nice and warm in the house

But secretly we enjoy our Stoov® the most when we can relax at home. A pillow in your back while reading a good book, a blanket on the couch while watching your favorite series, or a hot-water bottle for sleeping in bed at night. Stoov® keeps you warm and ensures that you can relax optimally.

Stay warm, wherever you go!