The sun is finally out! With these tips you’ll get summer-ready.

The sun is finally out! With these tips you’ll get summer-ready.


Finally, the long-awaited sun is showing itself more and more. And we love it! Time to trade in the sofa and television for your balcony or garden and start enjoying the outside world again. Get ready for the summer with our tips:



Get the BBQ out of the shed

It may be a nasty job, but you'll be so glad you've already scrubbed your BBQ clean. You can definitely put it to good use in the coming weeks! Ready for a spontaneous BBQ. Nothing is better than a long evening in the garden with friends or family and delicious food.

Clean the boat!

Going out on the water is getting a lot more attractive. First, make sure your boat is completely ready for it. Fill your cooling box and get the sunscreen out for a lovely trip on the water. Afraid of the cold in the evening? Have a look at our outdoor collection of heating cushions to keep you and the rest of your boat crew nice and warm.

Let’s make your garden or balcony cozy

Roll up your sleeves and show those green fingers! Make your outdoor spaces cozy with lots of plants and cheerful flowers that love the sun - like you do! Did you know that more than 75% of all insects have disappeared in the past 27 years? Therefore, choose flowers that insects love, so that you contribute to nature. Upgrade your favorite corner in the garden or on the balcony with our colorful heating cushions. This way you are assured of a stylish terrace and you can spend your summer evenings outside longer. Stoov® keeps you warm!

For your calendar this month:

June 20: Father's Day

Don't let it pass quietly and do something fun! Now that the weather is getting better, you can enjoy one of your father's favorite outdoor activities. Will you arrange the picnic in the park afterwards?

June 21: longest day of the year

The day when you can enjoy the sun the longest! So stay outside for a long time and brave the evening with a Stoov® if it gets too cold.

Final exams

Many young people are now busy with their final exams. With this beautiful weather they can now study outside and enjoy the sun after an exam. Let that vitamin D do its job!