The advantages of Stoov®

The advantages of Stoov®

1. With Stoov® you go for sustainability

Your choice for Stoov® is a choice for sustainability. Did you know that the Stoov® Premium cushion is made of 50% recycled Sunbrella fabric? This means that fabric-waste from the cutting table is processed in the product. We put a lot of effort in the quality and durability of our fabrics. In this way we can ensure you that your Stoov® has a longer lifetime compared to other fabrics. This results in less waste, and that supports the environment. Way to go!

Besides the durability of the fabric, Stoov® warms more efficient than your heating. Stoov® heats you directly, instead of the whole room. This means you can turn down your heating, it’s beter for the environment ánd for your energy bill.

2. A stylish addition to your interior

NBesides durability, style is of course also an important factor. This is why we make sure that there is a Stoov® for every interior. With different fabrics, colours and styles there is always a match for you!

3. Stay warm, anywhere

Your Stoov® is rechargeable and, when charged, you can use it without power. This means you can easily take it anywhere with you. Along the side of an outside sports game, on a long day hiking or camping? No problem!

4. Health benefits from FIR

Stoov® warms you through infrared heating: Far Infrared (FIR). This form of infrared heating reaches muscles deep inside your body and provides several health benefits. For example it reduces pain, inflammation, it improves your blood circulation and revitalises your skin.