Stoov® in 2021

Stoov® in 2021


This year too, Stoov® is there to keep you warm. Just like everyone else, we have new year's resolutions and goals. You too? As you know, Stoov®’s focus is on sustainability in combination with style and comfort. We are well on the way, but we want to do even better in 2021. These are our goals:



An RPET line

RPET is a material made from recycled PET bottles. These are plastic bottles, such as a soft drink bottle. All Stoov® inner covers are made of this. In 2021 we want to develop a line in which the outer covers are also made entirely of RPET material, so you are assured of an even more sustainable product.

An (even) more sustainable journey to your front door

We prefer not to use plastic when packaging your Stoov®. Is plastic being used? Then it’s recyclable or compostable. We also pack it as efficiently as possible, so that the package takes up little space in the van and there is less need to drive up and down. In 2021 we will research how this can be done even more efficiently, so that the journey to your front door is even more justified.

Make you happier

Good to hear, isn't it?! But naturally of course. Customer satisfaction is always on top of our mind. This year we will do our best to make you even happier!

Launch new products

We continuously innovate and develop. The trends are closely followed and we work together with high quality producers. In 2021 we want to launch a number of new products that suit your needs and are stylish. Insured of good quality and with a focus on sustainability, as you are used to from us.

Heat more terraces with Stoov®

We hope that in 2021, when the terraces are open again, Stoov® will become a replacement for the patio heaters. Heaters are bad for the environment. For example, if you leave 10 heaters on every evening on a terrace for six months, you will consume a lot of energy. It is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions for the energy consumption of an average household for 2 years. We say, get rid of it! Especially when there are suitable, more sustainable solutions.

Do you want to know what we currently are doing on sustainability? Then view this page.