Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Spring has arrived! The bees and butterflies show themselves and the piglets and calves are born. This also means nicer temperatures and thus enjoying the outside world. We love it! You too? There are still some limitations, but fortunately enough plenty of fun things to do. Here are some of our favorite springtime activities:



A day at the farm!

Who doesn't like baby animals? They’re just incredibly cute, you can't ignore that. Now is the time for calves, piglets, goats and lambs to show themselves to the world for the first time. And the smaller they are, the cuter. Plan a nice day out to the (children's) farm with your family, or go out alone.

Go sailing

When the sun is shining it’s wonderful to go out on the water. Time to get on the boat and enjoy your day on the water. Alone or with your partner. And you don't have to be afraid of the cold, because you can enjoy a wonderful boat trip with a Stoov® heating cushion without any worries.

On a voyage of discovery by bicycle

Discovering new places is fun! For your daytime activity, map out a cycling route to a place where you haven’t yet been. Perhaps there is a cozy village nearby that is unknown to you. Time to find out!

Have a picnic

Which brings us to our last favorite springtime activity. Have a picnic! And you can combine this with all the above trips. Are you going to the farm, on a boat trip or exploring by bike? Then pack a delicious lunch, with fresh juices and all your other favorite snacks. Treat yourself to a wonderful moment of rest in a beautiful place and enjoy! Do you still find it a bit too cold? Don't forget to bring your Stoov® with you.

Enjoy the spring!