Health benefits

Health benefits


How can a pillow be good for your health? Because of the shape? Because of the fabric? Maybe, but what about the warmth it produces?



Millions of people have daily aches and discomfort of health conditions like arthritis, muscle tension, sprains and strains in the back, shoulder and neck. Over-the-counter pain remedies offer some relief but often has side effects, just masks the pain and will most likely come back.

However, our infrared heating cushions can be an alternative method to deal with back, shoulder and neck pain at home.

There are several kinds of infrared heating, but the one you feel while using a Stoov® product is called the Far Infrared, or shortly FIR. FIR can penetrate so deeply into the body that it has multiple health benefits. Researchers have found that far-infrared heating improves blood circulation, reduces pain, releases joint stiffness, it strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces inflammation and revitalises skin.

The FIR heating expands your capillaries and improves your blood circulation, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout your body as well as built-up waste and toxins are carried away for removal. Human eyes cannot see the infrared range of light, but we can feel it because it generates heat. When you use FIR, your body temperature will rise, while the environment around you feels cold. This creates a soothing and relaxing feeling because they produce warming effects from the inside out.

Whether you sit on top of the pillow, lie down on it or lean your sore back against the cushion, it will warm you up and relax you down anytime you need it.