Easily contribute to the environment with these simple tips

Easily contribute to the environment with these simple tips


Sustainability is of great importance at Stoov®. We warm you in a sustainable way and we use recycled materials of high quality. In addition to our products being sustainable, we also try to contribute to nature and the environment in our daily life. So can you with these five simple tips. Will you join us?



1. A fresh, sustainable start of your day

Did you know that many cosmetics such as make-up, shampoo and day creams contain microplastics? And also the packaging is often made of plastic. But there are alternatives! More and more products are being sold without packaging or are packaged in a more sustainable way. For example, you have shops where you bring your own packaging and shampoo bars with none at all! You can also choose for vegan products, which ensure you of no animal testing and only natural ingredients.

Do you want to know more about those microplastics and what to look out for on the packaging? This video explains it to you:



2. Know what you eat

Difficult to say goodbye to fish and meat? Being aware is already the first step. Go for a good balance, with not too much of one or the other, but a little of everything. This is healthy for yourself and for nature. Also pay attention to where your food comes from. Is it local or is it from the other side of the world? Is it organic? Is it in plastic packaging, or packaging that is recyclable? And of course you’ll bring your own bag to transport your groceries!

3. Reuse your old stuff

Do you ever throw out something that is broken, or that you no longer wear? There is a better alternative! Maybe you can give that jeans, bag or chair a second life with some adjustments. Is it really time to say goodbye? First check out if you can maybe give it away to someone who can still use it well. For example, there are various groups on social media where you can offer things that you no longer use for free.

And, where do you actually get your new stuff and clothes from? Do you sometimes shop at the thrift store or second-hand store? Believe us, there too you can find gems for your home or wardrobe.

Did you know that about 35 million tons of clothing disappears in the dump or incinerator every year? So think carefully about what you buy.

4. Hydrate consciously

It’s important to drink enough water during the day. It helps your body get rid of waste and stimulates blood circulation. In brief: if you drink enough water, you’ll feel better! You can choose to stock up on water bottles from the supermarket, but a more environmentally friendly choice is to buy one good bottle that you can always fill with water from the tap. Saves a lot of plastic bottles!

5. Get through the day positively

Above all, it’s important to keep a positive attitude and remember: every little bit helps. Try to use as little plastic packaging as possible, bring your own bag when you go to the store, don't use too much shampoo or soap, separate your waste, try to shop less online and return less, and spread the word! You’ll automatically notice that you’re gradually becoming more aware and contributing to nature.

We go for green! Are you in?

We warm people, not the planet.