3 tips for saving energy

3 tips for saving energy

Besides the fact that a lot of energy consumption is bad for the environment, it also costs you money. Fortunately, there are a number of smart, easy ways to live more sustainably and save energy. Go for a win-win situation with these 3 tips:


1. Consume less water

Showering a little less long, warm and often, will save you on both your energy and water bill. Double win-win! You can also save money by using your dishwasher and washing machine efficiently. Choose the energy-efficient mode and always wait until the machine is completely full before you let it run. This way you wash less often and also save water and energy.

2. Turn down the heating

Did you know that with every degree lower on your heating you already save 7% on your energy bill? In addition, it also leads to less CO2 consumption, which is better for the environment! So put on a sweater and thick socks before turning up the heating. Or opt for a Stoov® heating cushion or blanket! It heats you directly instead of the entire room. That is a lot more efficient, and you will need less heating.

3. Off = off

Make sure you really turn off unused devices, because they are often on standby. You can sometimes tell by a light, but not always. For example, it is possible that your phone charger, without a phone attached, still uses energy when it is plugged in. The device can use up to 75% of its energy in this standby mode: this is called standby consumption. Your TV alone can already have a standby consumption of 35 euros per year. So make sure that you really switch off your devices when you are not using them and not in standby mode. To be extra sure of this, you can pull the plug. An even easier solution is a power strip with a switch, which you can easily turn on and off.

Start saving energy in your home today!